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Heart bleeding in the end

11:49 p.m. || May 05, 2006

My two oldest friends on earth one I have known for 13 years and the other one I have known for 10 years. Why is this information important not really sure because I'm only talk about one of these constants. I'm talking about my 10 year friend Silvi I love her like a sister I am annoyed by her just like a sister. Her entire family is in truth an extension to my own family. Yea she's that important in my life. But like some of you may know I spent a huge chunk of time not really allowing her to get to know me because she always had this narrow minded view on things.
Okay so fast forward a couple months ago to when I finally had the balls to tell her all the things I was always too chicken shit to tell her... And finally it's like where 15 again it's great! and it's what our friendship has been missing for years... So of course there has to be a hitch in all this wonderfulness.

The hitch Silvi is moving to Texas... And tonight my heart broke a little as she sat in her car crying her heart out about how she doesn't think she can survive without me... How will never see each other again and all that other shit.... It was so painful seeing her fall apart even though I know you can't break up a ten year friendship just because of a different state.

*sigh* I can't think straight right now alcohol does that

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