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4:47 p.m. || November 03, 2004

Jedd: My brother, he's the middle child, a black sheep like me and one of my best friends. He has been my protector my entire life. I can safely say I wouldn't be on this earth anymore if it wasn't for him.

Mom "Mommy Dearest": My mom and despite her political beliefs and he ability to say some of the most politically incorrect things sometimes she is one of the sweetest and most caring people I have ever known. I'm a total mommys girl and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Molly aka Lolly &/or Lolly O': Met her like in February right before I turned 22 and who would have thunk she would become one of my dearest friends. By the by she's the best person to have around for drinking, shopping and good food. Oh also she makes a fun buddy when your trying to pretend to be the cultured sophisticated type.

Justin: My oldest Brother, and the prodigal son. He is the one person I know to do everything according to plan... Like get good grades, go to good school get good job and get married... Now its only a matter of time for the children and junk.... Anyway we not super close but he's the one who helped shape my love of music and indi films. oh and reading...

Dad: I've been trying to prove something to him my entire life. I love him I mean he's my father and everything but I don't like him much. It seems like we get along every other day, maybe one day it wont be an on again off again kind of thing.

Dustin: He's MIA ... actually he's not missing we just I don't know exactly what happened. I love him and he'll always be family no matter what. FYI I miss you tons.

Richard: Evil ex-boss I hate him he's a life ruiner.

Betty: New boss and for a woman who is 62 she is the most immature person I have ever met... I don't like her

Kathleen: Fire fighter. Went on one date with her, flirted for months... Completely hot, and completely stupid... Note to self... Never go out with someone who is friends with your ex-boss that you hate... He's a relationship ruiner on top of everything else.

Ash, Ashleigh, boo boo: Met her when I was going to the CCA she's a loud obnoxious, pot smoking bi version of me... I love her to death!

Tanya: One of the sweetest funniest people I know. I'm super glad I know her...

Kim: great person to kick it with, I miss working with her...

Rock: She rocks the casaba, hard core girl with a heart of gold.

Jackie: Girl I was crushing on hard for ... had some really great times and then I go visit her for a week in the summer to find out she wasn't that cool ... the pop culture junkie in me can't get over the fact she didn't know who the partridge family was.

At the moment I'm not sure if there's more to my cast....

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