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ten years in the making

10:30 p.m. || February 19, 2006

Today I jumped the last hurdle today in being free to be me. I finally came out to Silvia the one person who I could never just say this is who I am. It's not to hard to understand how all these years she just never caught on, I mean since we have known each other we have ran in completely different circles. There's not a single thing besides I suppose our enjoyment in each others company that has kept us friends for all these years. Not to mention the long gaps we sometimes do take in between seeing each other...

Some how in it all it just never came out and I've always hated myself for it...

But now I'm glad things are out in the open, of course her family will never know. I mean her parents beat the shit out of her when they found out she even kissed a girl.... Her parents are close enough to being a second set of parents to myself. Now I don't think they would kick the shit out of me but they surely wouldn't allow me around the house anymore.


I ramble, I hope all had a nice weekend.

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